XPages and Me

My Journey into XPages Development

XPages Development: A Health Hazard?

Ever been in a situation like this:

You have a requirement / issue which seems to be easy enough to implement / fix. You say to yourself “That shouldn’t take long, an hour max”.

And then, it happens: It doesn’t work the way you thought, hoped, prayed for. An hour turns into two, three, five even a day or two for one measly, little requirement / issue.

You start to doubt yourself, your abilities. You pull your hair out, bash your head on the desk, bite the keyboard (all health hazards to you), ready to throw your computer out the window (health hazard to others, unless you live in a rural part of the country like me ;o) ).

You tried everything, turning uppercase letters into lowercase letters and back, with spaces, without spaces, ifs, whens, selects, quotes, double quotes, build, clean. Your frustration grows, you are desperate and then, then it happens. It works, finally. Not the way you had planned originally but it works and that’s all that matters.

Let me know about your experience and how long it took you to get it to work.

P.S.: Just had a prime example: I was going to give users the ability to download file attachments directly from a view. If the number of attachments on any given document is < 5, display the file type icons in the column, if the number of attachments is > 5, display a paper clip on which the user can click to open a tooltip with the list of attached files. I first tried to see, if you can open a tooltip with a list of attachments from a view column, which worked great. When I then implemented the if-then-condition, the icons were displayed and, if the number of files was > 5, the paper clip. However, now the tooltip wouldn’t open for me. After trying a couple of things, which didn’t work, I left it alone until today, figuring that putting the tooltip box outside of the view might help. But, oh surprise, the tooltip box worked today without any further changes.


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