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Dabbling in Bootstrap and Font Awesome Part 8: DB Profile and Theme

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I have a DB Profile document where I can set the Bootstrap navbar type, navbar look, navbar container and the content container I’d like to use across my whole application. It also contains a setting for the Bootstrap field size (read more here) and in this post, I am going to explain how I reference and use that setting in my theme.

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Dabbling in Bootstrap and Font Awesome Part 6-6: (re)Use Me! (Navbar)

In this post, I will show you how I set up my Bootstrap navigation bar. I know there are already many different posts out there on that. The difference with mine is, that I am using a profile document to define, what kind of navigation bar is being used across the whole application.

In addition, the profile document is also being used to manage the Bootstrap container type and field sizing (more about that in another post).

So, lets begin.

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Dabbling in Bootstrap and Font Awesome Part 6-4: (re)Use Me!

… or “xpagesandme.wordpress.com” goes NotesIn9.

So, David Leedy gave me the opportunity to come onto his show and I was finally able to make my first video and here it is as part of his Hackathon:


P.S.: The NotesIn9 video by Tim Tripcony I am referring to in my video, can be found here.

Dabbling in Bootstrap and Font Awesome Part 7: All these shiny new toys! What now?

When I first started dabbling in Bootstrap and Font Awesome, I was very excited and loved the look and feel of the framework. When I say dabbling, I mean that at the beginning, I didn’t really think about, how I am actually going to use it. I was just playing around with, getting a feel for how it all works and how I can integrate it with XPages.

But eventually I was faced with the question: What am I going to do with this shiny, new framework; How do I apply it to my daily development work?

I realized, I’ll have to rethink the way I develop my applications. Not necessarily the coding itself, but how do I set up the front-end, the UI, the part that the user will eventually see and will have to deal with on a daily bases.

I was always determined to design the UI of my applications in a way, that would aide the users in completing their daily work, even in the Notes Client (I guess it can be considered a job well done, if a user asks you, if your application is a web application, even though it is plain Notes Client). I was a big fan of Chris Blatnick’s blog Interface Matters and a lot of my UI designs had been inspired by his posts.

I think what I am trying to say is, we as XPages developers need and should also always think about the UI, to make it easy for the users to do their job.

If you don’t know how or what to do, talk to your users; sit down with them and observe them doing their daily work and it might give you ideas as to how to make it even better and easier for them.

The code in the background can be as sophisticated as can be, if the UI makes it hard for users to use an application, they will hate it and those users won’t make good advocates for Domino and XPages.

What is your opinion on this matter?

Dabbling in Bootstrap and Font Awesome Part 6-5: (re)Use Me!

Today, I will enhance the FA Icon custom control from one of my previous posts

Enhance the existing FA Icon Custom Control:

“So, how are you going to enhance the custom control?” , you ask. “It already is perfection.”, you say. Well, thank you for the compliment but there is almost always room for improvement. So, I am going to add additional “Property Definitions” that will allow you to add Bootstrap helper classes to your icon. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

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