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Splitting up: Another Way to Handle Large Forms – Part 1: The Bootstrap Panel Custom Control

An important part to splitting up the the forms is, to have a panel that can be animated. For each step in your process to guide the user thru filling out the large from, you’ll need one panel. And to make the transition between each step look nice, you’d want to use JQuery animation.

Take a look at the following posts. They’ll explain how to set up a reusable Panel custom control and how to enhance it, so we can use it for our purposes:

Dabbling in Boostrap and Font Awesome Part 6-8: re(Use) Me! (Panel)

Diving into Bootstrap and Font Awesome – Part 2: Enhancing the Bootstrap Panel Custom Control

In the next post, I’ll show you how I’ve set up an application layout custom control, that’ll allow us to use a side bar for the form navigation.


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