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sessionAsSigner Oddities – Part 1

During a recent project, I had to start using sessionAsSigner in my SSJS.

For those of you, who don’t know what sessionAsSigner does: It allows a current user, to run code and do things he usually wouldn’t be allowed to do, due to his access level for a certain application. sessionAsSigner runs the code with the access level of the signer of the design element. So, whoever touched the XPage or Script Library last in the designer, this person’s access rights will be used for sessionAsSigner. That means, if you roll an application out to production, make sure all design elements are being signed with the admin ID.

Though it works very well, I also ran into some odd behavior while using it. I am not sure if this is going to be a whole series (as I don’t know if I’ll encounter any more issues), but I thought I’ll start it out as one, just in case.

So, what happened? In this particular instance, I wanted to read the content of a rich text field as MIME Entity. I’ve used that in several other projects and it worked very well.
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