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Farewell Domino

Well, it finally happened. My 15 years in Lotus Notes / XPages development are coming to a close today.

I am off to new technologies and opportunities and I am looking forward to it.

I will keep this blog open and I still have a few articles in the pipeline. And, of course,  I’ll be available for any question you might have.

Thanks to all my readers, I hope I was able to help you find answers to your questions.


View Data Source: Sorting your full-text search results

This post is thanks to my colleague Daniel Soares.

Daniel had created a repeat control based on a view, which displays data after the user did a search by name. As is common, the result list was unsorted, even though the first column in the view is sorted.

Looking at the data properties of the panel, there is an option for a sort column:

Image 1

After setting that property with the column name, opening the XPage in the browser and executing a search, Daniel would get an error 500.

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XPages is Awesome! XPages + UI Framework (Bootstrap) + Angular.js = Even AWESOMER!

Today, during a meeting where we demoed an application built with XPages, Bootstrap and Angular.js, I realized once again how awesome XPages development is and the endless possibilities it offers, enabling you to tap pretty much any data source and to display the information in an intuitive, sleek User Interface.

Yes, it is true. I love XPages development!

XPages and iOS 8 not playing nicely together?

It seems there are issues with XPages applications and iOS 8.

David Leedy posted about it here and here.

XPages and .svg images

I wanted to use an .svg image in one of my XPages application and added it as a file resource to my database. However, it wouldn’t render on my pages.

So, I’ve posted a question on stackoverflow and thanks to Serdar Basegmez, I got a solution.

You can see the question and answer here.

ComboBox in a reusable Custom Control: How to add selectItems thru Property Definitions

See my stackoverflow question and the answers here.

Type Ahead: The “Tokens” Property

In my Notes Client workflow applications, I use mail templates where the owner of the application can define the recipients and the content of the emails being sent out. The way it works is, I set up 2 keyword documents: One with a list of name-field names and one with field names. The user can then use the list of name-field names to select the recipients for the email and the field names to define so called placeholders. The placeholders then can be used in the subject line and body of the email template. During the generation of the email, say while submitting a new request, the placeholders are being replaced with actual values from the underlying document (i.e. Request Number, Requester, Description etc.).

This gives the user the ability to set up and change their emails as needed without having to change any code.

Obviously, I’d like to provide a similar mail template functionality in XPages and I was wondering if I could somehow use the type-ahead functionality to select and insert the placeholders in the subject and body. You see, in the Notes Client, the user clicks a button which opens a layer with the list of defined placeholders. The user selects one, clicks OK and the placeholder is added at the end of the text. If the user would like to use the placeholder in a different position in the text, he has to cut and paste the placeholder. Not very elegant but unfortunately no way around it.

If I could use the type-ahead functionality, the user could write the text and then trigger the type-head, providing the list of placeholders and select from it, adding it to the current position of the cursor.

This is where the tokens property of the type-ahead comes into play. Usually, when you use type-ahead, you trigger it by starting to type a word. The type-ahead gives you a list of suggestions, you select the value you want and that is it. To trigger the type-ahead again, you have to delete the selected word and start typing again.

The tokens property is like the multi-value separator you can select for text fields. As soon as you type the token you’ve defined (be it comma, semicolon etc.) the type-ahead will be triggered again.

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We are World Champion!!

I know this is wayyy off topic, but we are World Champion!!!

What a fantastic game. Its been in the making since 2004. Congratulations to the German team.

Securing your XPages Website Using Public Access

Great post I found by Martin Rolph on how to secure your XPages web app:

Securing your XPages Website Using Public Access.

P.S.: I had to update the link as the URL changed. Thank you to Victoria from Oval

Homemade “Dojo-List-Text-Box” like Control

I was working on a project using the Extension Library (ExtLib). While developing a search functionality for a view, I wanted to use the Dojo List Text Box from the ExtLib to display the selected values the user wanted to search for. I love to use this control as it gives the user the ability to easily remove selected items by simply clicking on them.

Unfortunately, the project didn’t use the OneUI framework and the control wasn’t rendered right. I tried several different things in order to fix it but to no avail. So, I created my own control, using repeat control, span, computed field and an image (see example database for download here).

The example database contains 2 XPages, one for the use with a scoped variable and the other with a document data source.